Alderwood Advantage

When you plan to travel using an Alderwood Advantage™ exchange, make your request online at by logging in and filling out the exchange request form. If you are not registered with Alderwood Advantage™, you will need to register in order to proceed — Or, call the Alderwood Direct Exchange department at 866-964-4233 to get started.

Whether you call or go online be prepared to give Alderwood the following information:

a) WIVC membership number

b) Your name

c) Your unit type (one-bedroom, two-bedroom)

d) Your membership classification (seasonal, special)

e) Location and travel dates

Once Alderwood fulfills your request, they will contact you via e-mail or phone, and ask for your approval. When you accept the trade, notify WIVC to assign a week to Alderwood.

Fast Facts

  • Membership with Alderwood is free, however, to exchange you must be an active WIVC member in good standing and all maintenance fee assessments and similar charges must be paid.
  • Alderwood does not own any resorts, so the weeks they have to trade are only those that have been deposited.
  • Any time you request an exchange be flexible. Alderwood will begin an exchange search for you outside of a 45-day window to no more than 365 days from the date of submission.
  • The exchange fee for domestic and international travel is US$79 per week.
  • Season and unit upgrades are US$30 per night per upgrade.
  • You can reach Alderwood Advantage™ as follows:
  • Alderwood Advantage
    42184 Moonridge Road Suite 1
    PO Box 1987
    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    Phone: 866-964-4233