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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay a 10% late charge?
You are only charged this fee after a 90-day delinquency on the payment of your annual dues, in accordance with Article V of the Bylaws.
If my annual dues are current but I have not yet earned my week, can I make a reservation?
It is the policy of the Club that a reservation is not honored until such time as the membership has earned its week(s). A week is earned on the anniversary date of the membership.
I own an SB-1 membership. Where and when can I use my time?
As a seasonal membership owner, you may reserve time at the following locations as follows: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, Mexico, Desert Breezes, California between May 1 and October 31; Rosarito Beach, Mexico and Spain between November 1 and April 30;
What is bonus time?
You may reserve additional time periods other than your basic entitlement of seven (7) nights per interval owned. Subject to availability and a fee established by the Board of Directors reservations for Bonus Time of less than one week, but not less than two (2) nights, can be made up to 21 days in advance and reservations for an entire Bonus Week can be made up to 60 days in advance. For specifics, contact the Reservations Department.
How was my anniversary date determined?
Your anniversary date is the date you purchased your membership. If you bought your membership from another member, your anniversary date is the date the original member bought his membership; not the date you bought from the other member. You earn your week(s) on the original anniversary date.
When are my reserved weeks deducted from my account?
Weeks are deducted from your account when your reservation is confirmed.
How is title held for the club's properties in Mexico?
A majority of the Club’s units are located in “restricted areas” within Mexico. Under Mexican Law, non-Mexicans are not allowed to own fee simple title to property in such areas. However, title may be held in the form of a beneficial interest in a Mexican Bank Trust, which allows the Club the beneficial ownership and use of the property.
If I can't use my week, can I rent my week to someone else?
Yes, you can, and when you make the reservation be sure to give the Reservations Department the guest’s name. This way when your guest arrives at the resort, he will be expected as his name will be on the arrival list and not yours.
I can no longer travel and would like to rent or sell my membership. Will the club help me sell or rent my week?
The Club does not have a resale or rental program. However, we can provide you with a list of companies who specialize in resales and rentals of timesharing weeks. You can also search for timeshare resale companies on the internet.
I bought my membership at La Paloma in Rosarito beach, however, I would like to go to Acapulco. Do I have to pay an exchange fee?
No, as a WIVC owner, you have the right to use and make a reservation at any one of the Club’s eight resorts. You only pay an exchange fee when you exchange to resorts other than a WIVC resort.
Which companies can I use to make an exchange?
You can make an exchange with Interval International, Resort Condominiums International, 7Across (formerly DAE), or WIVC’s Direct Exchange Program. Interval International (II) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI) have access to resorts worldwide and to make an exchange with II or RCI, membership with II or RCI is required. You need not be a member of 7Across to make an exchange. WIVC’s Reservations Department has over the years developed relationships with other timeshare companies and is able to make direct exchanges for WIVC members. Regardless of which exchange system you use, there is an exchange fee.
Are WIVC units fully equipped?
Yes, all WIVC suites are fully furnished and equipped.
Should we rent a car or does WIVC provide transportation at its resorts?
The Club does not provide any free or discounted transportation to or from any WIVC resort. You should rent a car subject to your personal plans. When visiting La Paloma in Rosarito Beach or Villacana in Spain, a car is a must.
What fees must we pay when we stay at a resort in Mexico?
The Mexican government has imposed an occupancy tax. Also, referred to as a hospitality tax, on all hotel and time share establishments. To comply with this law, $14 per week must be paid by members and guests upon check-in.
Are annual dues or maintenance fees tax deductible?
Your annual dues or maintenance fees are a personal expense and are not tax deductible. However, if you should rent some of your weeks or use your time in connection with a business trip, the dues may be deductible as a business expense. Each individual situation is different and you should check with your tax advisor for specific advice.
Our week is about to expire and we can't travel this year. What can we do?
You can deposit your week with an exchange company and possibly get up to two more years in which to use it. How does this work? You can deposit your week with Interval International, Resort Condominiums International, 7Across before the week expires. You then will be able to use an equal amount of time with the exchange company up to two years after the date your week has been set aside by WIVC. It is still important not to wait until the last minute as reservations are more difficult to obtain on short notice.
How far in advance can we make reservations?
Reservations can be made no more than twelve months in advance and no later than 60 days prior to the date selected. A member may cancel or change his reservation by giving 60 days written notice and paying a cancellation fee. Short notice reservations can be honored subject to availability.
Why do I have to pay a surcharge when making a reservation for the Magic Tree Resort?
WIVC issued a limited number of “Orlando Priority Endorsements.” WIVC members who do not own an “Orlando Priority Endorsement” are required to pay a surcharge when requesting a reservation at The Magic Tree Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. WIVC members with the endorsement have priority to access the Florida property for use or exchange every year.

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